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Vishalaxi Mandap, Art of Living ashram, Bangalore

Errant employees needn’t be sacked. They can, as a Pune firm has shown, be sent to a spiritual spa for redemption. Shiv Sai Infosys Private Ltd sent three young employees accused of “jeopardising the interest of the organisation” to an all-expenses-paid trip to such a spa in Bangalore.
So, instead of facing the sack, the youths checked in for a week at spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravishankar’s ashram for an Art of Living course. The plan was the brainchild of CEO Dheerajj Agarwal, who had earlier taken an advanced version of the course at the ashram. The results left other executives at Shiv Sai Infosys, which offers business process outsourcing solutions and has branches in Mumbai, surprised. The trio came back transformed.
“Seven days at the ashram changed us. The course has given us a new purpose. Earlier, our idea of enjoyment was to drink and make merry. Now, we are more focused and motivated towards our job,” said Nikhil Baddap, one of the three who achieved the spa salvation.

Via: The Telegraph,YES!+ Pages


24 November 2008