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So if you have already downloaded MacIrssi the awesome IRC client and are already chatting away you might wanna customize it a bit for your comfort. This is a part 2 to the two part series How to MacIrssi: Part 1.

1) Change the short cut to switch between tabs

By default you can switch tabs using Command-Right Arrow and Command-Left Arrow . I prefer the same shortcut that most of the browsers use and avoid reinventing the wheel. To add a new shortcut go to System Preferences> Keyboard> Application Shortcuts. Press the small (Add) button in the lower left corner of the box and select MacIrssi from the menu. Add the following shortcuts:

Previous Channel: Control-Shift-Tab

Next Channel: Control-Tab

and you are all set to use the new shortcuts. no restart required.

2) Register your nick on the irc server

If you plan to stick around, its a good idea to register your irc nick. To register your irc nick connect to the irc server.

/server irc.freenode.net

and then register your nick by typing

/msg nickserv register <password> <email>

and follow the instructions. It will send you an email and ask you to type back a command to declare ownership of the nick.

You might also like to hide your email address from prying eyes. For that type:

/msg nickserv set hidemail on

3) Automatically connect to the server and chartrooms on launch

To automatically connect to a server type:

/SERVER ADD -auto -network FreeNode irc.freenode.net 6667 password

To automatically connect to a chatroom after you have added the server type:

/CHANNEL ADD -auto #iphone freenode

4) You might also like your nick to glow up when its mentioned



5) Hide joined and left chatroom messages

I find the user has joined the chatroom and the user has left the chatroom messages quite annoying. To hide them type:


You’ll have to restart for this change to take effect.

If you have come this far, you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is definitely a lot more to irssi. If you are interested, check out http://irssi.org/


29 January 2011