goel's lab

Wordpress sucks

  • Wordpress is an overkill for putting up a simple site
  • I have to learn too much useless junk to customize wordpress. PHP and mysql are not my thing.
  • Dynamic rending of pages is slow
  • Complex backup and version control

Jekyll rocks

  • I write my posts in Markdown, my new favorite markup language
  • I can customize the look of my page by changing HTML and CSS. The way its supposed to be.
  • Pages are static
  • Response time is amazing as every thing is hosted with GitHub
  • Every thing is backed up in a Git repo. Imagine that!

Frankly what else can a hacker ask for?

Current Status

I migrated my old posts from my wordpress installation to the Jekyll setup.

I started by blog in 2007 on blogspot.com. Later I moved it to a wordpress installation. Because of these changes some of my images are still hosted with blogspot and some with a hosting provider. I have to write a script to download all those images and commit them to my git repo.

I also have to recover my drafts from my wordpress installation.

With these two steps my migration from wordpress would be complete. Next step then would be to start building the new home page. This time I am going to structure it differently. The main page would be a landing page, which would then lead to the blog and other sections.

I also have to think of a tagging system. I am not a big fan of the idea of having thousands of tags associated with every post. I would ideally like to have 3 or 4 broad categories/tags.


29 February 2012