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I shipped my MacBookPro 17” Early 2008 model to apple yesterday. It was picked up from my door step.

I have always been very happy with this particular model that I had but during its 2 year and 317 days with me I had to get its screen, super drive, trackpad and recently the logic board replaced. I was happy with my decision of buying the Apple Care Protection Plan which helped me save a lot of money on the expensive apple repairs, at the same time the repair time on apple products is high in India and can be up to 6 weeks.

After all these repairs my laptop had slight screen discoloration and the superdrive had stopped working. All minor nuances and I never used the super drive anyway! But when my wifi started to act up again I called apple care (+91 80 4140 9000) and asked for a replacement. I wasn’t hard to make a case and the whole conversation was very polite. After being connected to the Paul (AppleCare Senior Technical Advisor) I was informed that I will be giving the new i7 macbookpro as the replacement. I was completely blown away by the service model!!

The process is that my old machine gets picked up and after they receive that, they send in a new one from Singapore.

Picture of the screen with discoloration attached.


22 April 2011