goel's lab

The new Macbook Pros were launched yesterday with Quard core i7 processor. These new machines are without a doubt faster than any thing I have ever used. To demonstrate I ran some tests and the results left me amazed.

I have a Early 2008 Macbook Por 17 with 4GB ram, 2.6GHz Core2Duo and a 500GB@7200rpm hard drive. I always thought that my machine is a monster. Lets see how is stacks up against the MacBook Pro 17: (note: higher the score, better it is)

Geekbench Score New Macbook Pro 17 (Early 2011): 10164    |||||||||| **My Macbook Pro 17 (Early 2008): 3485          |||**

Without question its time to upgrade.

Title Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeff_vu/5395158280/in/pool-79535708@N00


27 February 2011