goel's lab

Seems like day after day my life is becoming like an unstable reaction. A new adventure every day. Sometimes I have no clue where I am going or getting up and my bed does not seem to be happy with this erratic behavior as it does not get to spend quality time with my bum any more. Even the bees are finding new people to sting now, though I made it up to them this morning. I was standing in the balcony debating whether to sleep in my room or my lab, when one gracious little one decided to kick start my day. But sadly it didn’t get any action from my side. I quietly stood while it stung me and then took the bus to another realm. Though I did get a chance to test another desi nuska (local recipe) for bee stings. I’ll probably do another post on ways and places to get stung at and what to do next……:)
Today I am Lucknow. It’s my dad’s birthday and I decided to surprise him by coming here even thought it has been raining non stop for the past 2 days. I just love the rain. Every thing seems to be so clean and serene. Very few people are generally out and the smell……hmm…..only one word comes to mind……. intoxicating.

Nimble meet quick

By the way my dad loved the surprise and he had a surprise of his own. He got a brand new, blazing fast, super slick, all aluminum body Macbook Pro 15”. He unpacked it in front of me and boy you should have seen the look on his face. Later I gave him a demo of the new features and he really liked the multi touch gestures. For the first time a computer was getting his attention….. Lucky bastard. I think he will finally start checking his mails…:). I am now pretty sure that the “attention, intention & manifestation” technique that Guruji had taught us really works. Oh shit…..its 4 am……I think I should sleep now…..am at my home after all….will write more about the “attention, intention & manifestation” technique and the movie Jaane tu….ya jaane naa……later…..(its awesome…….……must watch )……


06 July 2008