goel's lab

I just looked at the new products from Apple and they are terrific. The iMac now has edge to edge glass and comes in 27 inchs!!!. Its a real power house with quard core processors and support for 16gb ram. When I first heard that it came with a multi touch mouse I knew we finally had a absolutely fantastic pointing device, which takes the best from both the worlds. As the story goes, first came the keyboard, then the mouse and then the iPhone, in my opinion the touch mouse is definitely a critical member of this chain of evolution. Though I would love to see the Sixth Sense device by Pranav Mistry as the successor.

The macbook, most affordable mac ever is now very slick. With a unibody and 7 hr battery back up it is definitely the best mac for college students. And one more thing.. the mac remote has also been updated :)


21 October 2009