goel's lab

One fine Saturday morning after a sleep less night I was wondering what to do over the week end. I was walking around in my apartment and saw Celebrating Silence lying on the shelf. Within a fraction of a second I knew I was going to Bangalore. I called up Bhaskar, found out that Guruji was in town, packed my bag in 5 mins and rushed to the airport.
4hrs later the cool invigorating breeze was telling me I was in Bangalore.

On my way to Guru Bhaiya’s place I managed to stop at an Apple store, exchange a few tips with the specialist and buy a sports strap for my iPhone.

Its always a euphoric experience to be at Guru Bhiaya’s place. The whole environment in the house is very satvik and beaming with energy. Guru bhaiya is always upto something new and exciting. We share a common passion for OOPS(object oriented programming) and Batman. He has combined his talent in music and computer programming and invented things unheard of in the music industry. Aunty (Guru bhaiya’s mom) makes great food, attends parties back to back and is always in a fun mood. Archna di has also has a keen interest in music and loves photography. Nothing can stop her if she has a camera in her hand.Later that day I went to the Ashram (Art of Living Bangalore center which we loving call Ashram) and the next day again. I stood in a crowd, got elbowed a few times but it was a pleasure to see him (H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). He was as jovial as ever. The Teachers’ training course had just finished and I got a change to meet some old friends cum new teachers. I felt very proud of them.
We celebrated Bhaskar’s (the one in the orange kurta and with the icing on his face) birthday in the Ashram. The best butter scotch cake I ever had.


30 August 2009