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Anantrang Backdrop

Tomorrow is the D-day or the Party day. Abhishek, Avani and many more have been working very hard to make this evening happen. From going around the city for sponsors to running to the bus station for a video clipping (long story) these guys have done it all. They have barely been able to manage 2 hrs of sleep every day. Passes have been selling like hot cakes at Cafe Coffee day, Dominos, etc. Also disk jockeys from 93.5 sFM are coming down to anchor the event. I am really looking forward to meet them and hundreds of new people coming for the show. For now I wanted to share the event backdrop with you which has been designed by Meera. We bugged her a lot but she did an awesome job. I’ll share many more event pics tomorrow if I get my hands on them. Generally I am too busy dancing:). I am really excited to see all this come together so beautifully. Abhishek when initially proposed the idea seemed too far fetched, but he is one guy who can make impossible… ‘i m possible’.
If you wanna join the celebration today
Come to
Pandu Nagar Housing Society, Near J.K.Temple@6pm


24 October 2008