goel's lab

I was just on the phone with a friend and he pointed out that when ever I call him I have exams/quizzes starting or going on. Pondering on the thought I realized I had 3 exams per semester and a semester is almost 18 weeks long. That means I have exams almost ever 6 weeks. Now that seems perfectly normal for Undergraduate courses but this semester I have started with Graduate courses and things don’t get better. I strongly feel that courses should be assignment based and that too weekly rather than an exam after 6 weeks ‘cause in the later case students end up cramming 6 weeks of material overnight. Now If we have weekly assignments students will not only develop a better understanding of the subject but will also stay upto date as the course moves along. The better understanding cause ever week they will understand and revise what has just been taught. Now some of my professors have realized the value of regular assignments but the only problem is its just an add-on i.e. we now have exams+quizzes+assignments…………just my darn luck :)


11 March 2008