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Hi, I am back on the blog sphere with loads of news. I met Vineeth yesterday and he inspired me to write again.

The coming semester I have no exams, no course work and no assignments, but from the start of things it seems its gonna be a very busy and memorable one. Apart from my project work (the only official liability) I am planning to do some projects of my own. Also I have decided to do some fun courses. Luckily I met Prof. K Patil and decided to audit her Modern Art course in the coming semester. I have done some Art courses in the past like communication design, western art and video production and throughly enjoyed them. These are courses which have given new directions to impulses flowing in my frontal cerebrum , added a new perspective to my thinking.

I am now able to install some paid apps on my iPhone for free….. shhhhhh

I tried Alphalt 4 and Toy story.
Alphalt is like the best application written ever. I am paying for it as soon as I get my credit card. The graphics are astounding and all this on a device so small really blows your mind away. Check out the video and the screen shot.

There is a Alumini reunion going on at IIT Kanpur . Rahul literally dragged me to the thing. It is one of the many things I am greatful to him for. It is only because of his vision and perspiration that I am student senator today and am throughly enjoying the journey. Back to the function which started with performances by a band named ‘a little rusty’. One of the many things only IITians can do. Accept the truth. Though they were great. There were some amazing persomances for example the one dedicated to all the ones who had left for USA of the song ‘Get Back’:)
Here it is for your pleasure

and here’s the band performing it for you.

Check out the guy on the left. He is a mechanical eng from the 84 batch and now a sadhu and apparently very good with the guitar. We have the coolest of alumni. I want to meet him real bad and will go looking for him tomorrow.

Recently I went to Bombay to attend a YES!+ meet and eat loads of ice cream. When I started off for Bombay I was really sick with fever and a bad cold. But with in a few hours of reaching, I lost it to the city’s heat and pollution :). We started a Dhirti Ma Club (pronounce Dirty Ma Club) there. Currently Dona is the only active member. Those who know this fun loving and splendid Gods’ (must have taken more than one :) ) creation might already have an insight into what happened. We are planning to extend the membership, applications can be send to shubham.goel@gmail.com and remember you have to be a superhero first.
Our superhero orientation ceremony

PS: I havn’t been able to figure out how to get the formatting right on this theme YET, but will do it soon


27 December 2008