goel's lab

As the exams get closer, weather gets hotter and hotter here at IIT Kanpur. High temperature and exam fever can be a deadly combination and many are falling prey to it. Photographic evidence attached.Shantanu came to my room twice in a fatal attempt to study NLV.

And yes sleeping is contagious…..it was not my fault that I followed his lead.

Rohit was just about to leave after a lesson in ART411. (Hint: Notice the slippers)
Then finally at the end of 4 years I decide to go to the library and find the 24hr facility being totally put to a good use. (If you zoom in you can see ORKUT.COM!!!!!) ironically the computer is meant for catalog search. The guy just happens to be searching another database for better matches.,while the guards dozes off……….(in his defense it was hot outside, the clock had just struck 2am and the AC was on!!!!!!!!………..come on….who are you to judge)Seriously exam is a weird time at IITK, you get to see a lot of crazy stuff.


25 April 2008