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April fool’s day in Kshitz’s words:

Amidst loads of hassles and chaos due to uninformed visit of GM’s top official, April fool’s day fetched us many preys for entertainment, with Taru and Neha leading the row with Mr. and Ms. Popat award. The plan was incubated at the Hall 8 mess during lunch time while I was having food with Shubham. We had been thinking of some nice idea to play a prank on someone. When we were entering the mess I came across Ashwini Shukla. I had found my prey. Shubham suggested me to call Neha, and propose her. Since she didn’t have my phone number so it should work out easily. I was little uncertain of the success of the plan… “proposing a girl … although fake.. still first time in my life I was bound to stammer and fail.” We even wrote a script for carrying out the entire series of events. Finally I gathered some courage and called her :

“Hello Neha… my name is Ashwini Shukla. I am a 4th year UG in the Mech Deptt and am planning to start my own firm and would like you to design the website for the same. I saw you a couple of times at CC canteen and got your no. from Rahul Verma. Could we meet at 6 in the CR.”And fortunately she agreed in the first attempt.

Our evilness turned darker by the evening and we began making more wicked plans. We needed some girl who could fake Neha and call Ashwini to the CR. We approached Ruchira Ma’am and she agreed but ‘Shubham didn’t have the script ready by then’. Meanwhile Akanksha had arrived in the lab and gladly joined the gang. I confirmed Shukla’s phone no. from Saket and called him from my mobile but he didn’t pick the phone. While we were still planning what next… there was call on my phone from the same number. Akanksha picked up the phone. The plan was that she would say that she was a student from MNNIT who wanted to participate in Robocon and needed his guidance. She picked up the phone , “Hello , may I talk to Ashwini Shukla.” On realizing that the voice on the other side was feminine she asked “Who is this?”. “This is Neha. Is it Ashwini’s phone number ?” I immediately realised that I had called up the last dialled number, that was Neha’s and not Shukla’s. What a popat were we making of ourselves; picking up Neha’s call and a girl asking her for Shukla leaving no reason for her to trust us.

2-3 more attempts but Shukla didn’t pick the phone. It was already 5 and we didn’t have much time now. So we started thinking of some alternative target. But who could beat the mastermind Shubham who had already fooled 3 people in the meantime. He called up his Mom saying that he had finally found a girl and he wanted to introduce her to them at an upcoming family function at his uncle’s. Surbhi was in the lab for a while and even she was not spared, “You know Vyas Sir has become the director of IIT Indore “ :D He didn’t stop at that. He wanted a double cross; when Ruchira Ma’am would call up Ashwini it should be someone else on the other side and she would herself be fooled.

We were browsing through our gtalk lists and came across Taru - the perfect choice. Akanksha made up a nice storyline , “Hello I am from Kanpur Institiute Of Technology. Our group is working on a solar heater project and Kadambi Sir wanted us to meet you. Could we meet at CR and could you share some of your notes and works”. Poor Taru in his usual squeezing voice agreed to all her conditions (I could imagine him sitting on his chair and pressing the space bar for pausing the media player). It was 5.55 and we were planning to leave when Vyas Sir entered the lab saying, “Mr. Mangalgiri is in campus and would be here in 10 minutes.” What the hell… we felt so cheated, while trying our best to somehow delay his visit but nothing seemed to work that day. Finally I somehow convinced Neha to come over to the CC canteen while Taru was still unreachable. While we were moving out to CC canteen Vyas Sir informed us that we would have to go and meet him in the VH itself so we were relaxed but it was little late as Neha might have already left. I again called her up and asked her to be at CR itself.

We moved towards the shop-C where Taru was sitting under the tree waiting for his lady. The sight was amazing. He had a big diary in his hand probably containing all his btp work to be sacrificed for a KIT girl. We went inside making him comfortable and at the same time pulling his leg. His usual stupid principles didn’t take a break even here, “Yaar sabse buri baat ye hai ki log time dete hain aur late aate hain. Main 4 baar phone kar chuka huun but no kar de rahi hai.” I was literally feeling sorry for him but could not stop recording all this conversation on my phone. “So, Taru whats her name,” asked someone. “She didn’t tell that and neither did I ask.” And still this gentleman was waiting there well dressed up waiting to pour out all his knowledge. If only we had a little more time….. the story could have continued for some more time. I asked him to watch a video in the meantime which was nothing but the Akanksha’s call video. He almost went dumb for a minute and then says, “Ab CR aa hi gaye hain to kuchh khila do.” But we had to proceed to CC canteen to claim another treat. I called up Neha and this time some guy picks up the phone and spoke rather rudely as to who I was and why I was looking for her. I called on her cell back and assured that I am not fake and I was serious about the project to which she blindly agreed. While heading towards the lab a profile video was made on the Taru and the gang behind these activities. Shubham’s description of his role in the story was worth noting, “Main sabse chaapu huun…saari achhi planning karta huun, tum log tel machate ho fir main usko wipe out karta huun”.

Neha was waiting on a table behind the TMRS lab. Shubham jumped to ask her what was she doing there. “I was actually waiting for someone,” with no clue to who the caller was and what was the name of the company she was making the website for. I tried to instigate some talks regarding Shukla but probably her enthusiasm about the first project of her life didn’t let her stop.

Shubham :”So koi bhi ladka tumhe kahega ki kaam hai aa jao to chali jaogi”.
Neha: “Mech mein main sab ladkon ko jaanti huun..ccc mein sabko dekha hai.”
Shubham: “Rahul ko apna no. kyon diya?”
Akanksha :”Agar Vyas Sir peechhe se aa jayein to teeno ka jayega.”

Praneeth who was waiting in the lab to hand me the bluetooth mobile for demo was already in the lab and was bugging me on the phone. So we decided to uncover the mystery fast. We once again showed her the call video and got our shares of abuses immediately.

Shubham: “Btw wo banda kaun tha jisne jhaada tha ?”
Neha : “To wo tum the jisne phone kiya tha… you dog .. agar maine pehle tumhari awaaz phone pe suni hoti to galti na karti … arey wo to cross connection tha.”

We apologised to the victims and proceeded for mission lab’s mission now, when Neha snatched away Shubham’s phone. Shukla after seeing my missed call, called back on my phone. Shubham not having switched to the work mode yet, cooked up a nice censored story to him on the phone.

Now it was Praneeth’s turn who was walking with us towards the VH. He overheard our conversation regarding Neha making the company’s website and got curious, “Which company which website… you registered your company or what”. Why should we let him slip when he wants to drown himself. We cooked up a nice story that Shubham’s Dad has loads of contacts and he has got us a company registered dealing in embedded systems. A website has also been registered for the same. “You didn’t even inform me. What is this ? …bla bla..bla”, the whining continued till we had reached our destination.

The movie was yet not over and some anti-climax was still in store for us. We reached the VH at 6.45 only to realise that his room was locked. After waiting for 15 minutes I called up Sir and the much awaited typhoon was there. I tried to calm him down. Then we went to pick Dr. Mangalgiri from the “Artist in Residence” show. We brought him to the lab at 9 pm where our presentations lasted till 11.30 pm. Next morning we got the 2nd part of the blow from Sir when the single wheel test rig was not working. “3 din se bol rakha hai…ready kyn nahi hua. hasi mazaak chal raha tha kya !!” Somehow RSS and Ruchira Ma’am managed the situation and showed him some working VI.

A day full of pranks and an evening of nightmares.. deadly combination !!

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08 April 2009