goel's lab

Thats the song that comes to my head when I think of my alma mater…

Research@LibrarySkating… My national timpass

The end of my masters was a crazy time… I learn’t that research couldn’t be accelerated beyond a certain rate and then I started moving faster than that :)… I had started photography again with my introduction to the Canon 500D. Every now and then I would go out for skating too.
FacB (Faculty Building) roof top had become a regular wee hrs hangout spot.

Even with all the time crunch sleep was the only thing I was budgeting on. Visits to the bowling alley and to the coffee shop were prioritized. When Priyesh and Prachi came over we went to the Landmark hotel with Neharika to show off my exemplary driving skills. People there got to witness such awesomeness that they had to be sworn to secrecy.

The Mai Hu DON walk@ Landmark (From Left: Neharika, Priyesh(Chotu), Prachi)

FacB Roof Top 2am (From Left: Tulsi, Neha, me, Deep, Dhaval, Sandeep)Ksh sporting the ‘tora aur milega look’Technology Park@BangaloreKsh wanted to click some pics and guess who volunteered to model :)

The Banglore trip before coming to Mumbai was a great success. The project partners were very happy to see their feed back taken into account and with all the progress made. Also the digital entertainment system in the flight crashed and we got a chance to make a video of the system boot up… that was a really cherry on the icing for us geeks… the icing being the great hotel and the night at the hard rock cafe.

The dump from the airline entertainment system boot upAnother one from the FacB roof top


30 July 2009