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Here I am having a difficult time reserving a ticket to Delhi and these guys are talking about more reservation. GOD…….whats wrong with them…..why are they so badly after the IIT system. There are other things that are doing well in India too……go after them yar. Why not reservation in the Indian Cricket team and even their coaches. Do they already have that? Some one please clarify. I am not big on cricket news. Oooooooh…….ooohhh………reservation in Bollywood. That would be interesting. Also reservation in your love life. Say you have had 4 boy/girl friends…….2 of them have to be from the backward classes……by the way…we at IIT can actually do with something like that. 38 Girls in a batch of 550 students. Now that’s a problem of monumental importance that the country if facing. Any way for the ones blissing out in ignorance check out
IITs set to implement quotas for faculty positions
IITians protest reservations in faculty appointment
It will divide India: Sri Ravi Shankar
Also you can sign this petition http://www.petitiononline.com/iitprtst/petition.html
and express you opinion on different news paper websites.
And in the end I would like to apologies if I have hurt anybody’s feeling. I had no intention of doing so.


10 July 2008