goel's lab

A couple of days back I was talking with a friend when I realized there is still a lot to explore here before I go. So starting on with my expedition I went on a early morning cycling safari to the pond@IITK. This place is behind hall of residence 9 and its pretty difficult to locate on foot because of the hedges all around and the uneven landscape, but I am a pretty stubborn person when I set my mind on something.
To prepare for the trip I borrowed my cycle back:), got it serviced and cleaned up and didn’t sleep through out the night, probably the best techniques to make sure you are up early. Next step was to look up the place in google earth and get going. Cycling on bumpy, lumpy, rocky ground is my passion. I love to cycle fast on rough terrains and avoid getting thrown off it. After around half an hour of hunting I was able to locate it and it was worth the wait. The sunlight reflecting off the water looked magnificent.
I also ran into some huge birds that morning. They had deep red colored necks and were over 4.5 feet tall. This is the closest I could get to them without disturbing them. Pic from my iPhone.Hopefully I’ll get a good camera soon. PS: I voted :). If votes have still not been casted in your region, do go out and vote.


30 April 2009