goel's lab

My new skates arrived yesterday and they are just funtastic. They are every thing I ever wanted in a skate. They are from the company K2 and are called Il Capo or the head/the mafia :). The boot is short and very well padded. The chassis is made out of steel which gives it strength and makes the base heavy which is great for maintaining speed. Also the special thing about the skates are that they are specially designed for street and slalom skating. Hence, even though the wheels are 80mm in size there is very less space between two wheels. This gives me exceedingly rapid acceleration, complemented with a high degree of maneuverability. The wheels too have high hardness(84A) but at same time are remarkably grippy, a very rare combination. The bearing are ILQ7 which are turbo fast. I am once again ready to burn the roads. };^)


17 February 2009