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Helvetica is a widely used sans-serif typeface developed in 1957 by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger with Zach Spinner.

Helvetica is among the most widely used sans-serif typefaces. Versions exist for the following alphabets/scripts: Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Khmer and Vietnamese. Chinese faces have been developed to complement Helvetica. Helvetica is a popular choice for commercial wordmarks, including those for 3M, American Airlines, American Apparel, BMW, Jeep, JCPenney, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, Orange, Target, RE/MAX, Toyota, Panasonic, Motorola, Kawasaki and Verizon Wireless.[14] Apple Inc. has used Helvetica widely in Mac OS X (as default font for sans-serif/Swiss generic font family), iOS (previously iPhone OS), and the iPod. The iPhone 4 uses Neue Helvetica.


29 January 2011